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DnD: Paladin of Torm

Since the flood of AI art on the internet over the last few months I have been really unmotivated to post any art until now. After working through feeling a bit depressed about the whole subject, it led me to reflect back to why I started doing art as a kid in the first place. It was a way for me to escape, and bring to life the fantasy places and characters I would dream up in my childhood. Now as a professional, I have at times forgotten why I do this, getting caught up in trying to make art that other people will like. And with AI giving anyone to ability to create art and the shear volume of it, its easy to feel like anything I post will just get washed away. Despite all that I want to share the art I love to create.

That brings me to this painting, which is from the DnD campaign I run. The campaign setting is a mashup of the forgotten realms, and Wildemount mixed in with my homebrew worldbuilding. While tracking a group of cultists they intervein during an ambush and meet Sigmond, a Paladin of Torm, investigating similar disturbances in the Marrow Valley. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did creating it!